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The Integrated Holistic Builder system is a highly sophisticated, integrated building process for both residential and commercial structures, combining seven (7) vital pillars: Sustainable, Affordable, Energy-Efficient, Accessible, Healthy, Safe, and Comfortable. The design and sequence of the site-built building process allows structures to be completed in a shorter length of time and at a more affordable cost than traditional building processes. 

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Building quality, affordable homes that are healthy, comfortable, and safe for the inhabitants is our mission. 

Affordable Homes

The Integrative Holistic Building system lowers overhead costs, allowing savings to be passed on to the consumer.

Energy-Efficient Homes

Innovative methods are used by IHB to exceed current energy-efficient standards. Additionally, residents will have maximum control of the interior environment while being protected from outside elements.

Healthy Homes

Health, wellbeing, and quality of life are shaped directly and indirectly by the quality of the environment. IHB homes minimize organic off-gassing for a cleaner air environment and better health for those residing in the home. 

Sustainable Homes

IHB homes exceed current global “green” standards while also integrating sustainability practices on the land on which the building is constructed.

Safe Homes

IHB homes are designed and engineered to withstand nature’s elements and safeguard the inhabitants. Additionally, a higher fire safety threshold is a benefit of the innovative building method.

Accessible Homes

IHB homes are designed to maximize accessibility, utilizing ADA standards; thereby minimizing future modifications to the home for any lifestyle changes that may occur to the inhabitant.

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